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Product Name: Silicone Spatula Tip Tube small capacity
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Product Details:
AMYPT has just introduced a brand new tube concept to its packaging portfolio. The new tube design features a silicone dropper type spatula for lip gloss, lip balm, lipstick, and many other beauty items.


 The key feature of this packaging tube is its special, flat silicone applicator with a thickness of just 1 mm.
The ultra-thin design benefits exceptionally-soft application that lends itself perfectly to skincare applications,
particularly in delicate facial areas or for make-up products.

"Consumers instantly feel the difference when using the new Silicone Spatula Tip Tube
as it adapts perfectly to any contour of the face."

The silicone dropper applicator incorporates a special valve design
that prevents external pollution and content leakage,
whilst ensuring the quality of the entire product.

With a tube capacity of 5ml to 15ml, AMYPT Packaging recommends its Silicone Spatula Tip Tube
for a variety of beauty and health applications including,
but not limited to, lipstick, lip gloss, lip care essence, eyebrow brightening liquid,
medicinal ointment, treatment serum and more.

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